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October 18, 2021                                                                        



Grassroots Candidate Karoline Leavitt Raises More Money In NH Than Any Candidate in 1st Congressional Race


HAMPTON, NH -   In the first quarter of her campaign, Karoline Leavitt collected $333,114 with an average donation of $250 — a remarkable signifier of strong grassroots support. Most notably and unlike any other Republican Candidate in the primary race — the majority of Karoline’s donors, 63%, are individuals and businesses in New Hampshire.


  • Only 30% of Matt Mowers itemized donations were from New Hampshire. 

  • Matt Mowers had more individuals donors from his home state of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut than he did from New Hampshire. 

  • Matt Mowers received more than $20,000 from his former boss Chris Christie and Nikki Haley, both ardent critics of President Trump.

  • Gail Huff Brown relied entirely on DC insider money to boast a significant fundraising number this quarter, with 40% of her itemized donations coming from PACs and campaign committees.

  • Gail Huff Brown only had 18 donors from New Hampshire.


“If voters want to know which candidate is running a true grassroots campaign - just follow the money! Granite Staters deserve a homegrown fighter representing them in Congress, and the recent financial reports prove that’s who I am," said Leavitt.