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January 13, 2022                                                                      



Karoline Leavitt Responds to Chris Pappas' Vote for Federal Election Legislation


HAMPTON, NH - Karoline Leavitt issued the following statement in response to Chris Pappas' vote on H.R. 4, Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act: 


"Today, Chris Pappas sold out New Hampshire's electoral process to Washington, DC, by supporting H.R. 4. If signed into law, this legislation would totally usurp our state's constitutional right to determine our elections and jeopardize New Hampshire's First in the Nation Primary status. Chris Pappas even wrote an amendment in the bill that would take the worst of New Hampshire's electoral system - allowing non-resident, temporary college students to vote - and enforce it on every other state across the country. It's not Chris Pappas' place to tell other states how to run their elections, and it's certainly not the business of Washington to run ours. This bill is a blatant attempt to rig elections across the country because Democrats know their ranks are about to be decimated in the midterms. Don't let Chris Pappas fool you - it's not about 'transparency' or 'integrity' - it's all about POWER!"