Low Taxes, Less Regulation,
More Economic Freedom

  • Growing up in a small business family, I understand the need for less government intervention and more freedom in our economy. In Congress, I will champion pro-growth, free market policies and slash senseless regulations to allow businesses to thrive, empower workers, and unleash our state’s full economic potential.

  • I will always fight to CUT taxes, and I pledge to oppose ANY tax increase because hard-working families across our state deserve to keep MORE of their hard earned money, not less. I was proud to work in the Trump Administration as we delivered historic tax cuts, benefiting millions of American families just like my own and creating one of the most robust economies in history.

  • I will support lowering our corporate tax rate to make America competitive again in the global marketplace and increase job opportunities here at home, rather than abroad. 

Image by Michael Förtsch


  • New Hampshire’s law enforcement officers are the best in the country, and they are fully deserving of our respect and support. We must continue to provide them with more resources and funding, not less.

  • I will fiercely fight against the radical “Defund the Police'' movement, which is an existential threat to the security of our communities and the safety of our families.

  • I will protect qualified immunity, listen to our police officers on the issue of crime above all, and always support the thin blue line!


  • The United States of America is a nation of laws - and this includes our immigration laws. A strong nation must have strong borders, period. President Biden and his Administration have failed to uphold that basic principle and our country has dramatically suffered as a result. Deadly drugs are pouring into our country and poisoning Granite State communities that have already suffered from the opioid crisis. Dangerous criminals like MS-13 gang members and “coyotes” are engaged in horrific episodes of human trafficking, including of young children, all fueled by the Biden administration’s promises of an open border.

  • I will fight to end the Biden Border Crisis by proposing legislation that has ZERO tolerance for illegal immigration, finishing construction of the border wall, and empowering our brave immigration law enforcement officers to do the jobs they’re trained to do. And I will NEVER support amnesty for individuals who broke our laws to come here. 



  • Our Founding Fathers understood the crucial importance of firearms to guarantee the individual right of all Americans to defend themselves and their property. I know that Democrat-backed attempts to burden legal gun owners with mountains of paperwork and licensing requirements only makes it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase and own a firearm, and does nothing to prevent criminals from acquiring them.

  • I will oppose misleading “red flag laws,” and fight back against Democrats’ efforts to run firearm and ammunition manufacturers out of business through endless litigation and overregulation. The Second Amendment clearly guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, and the federal government shall never pass legislation that makes the exercise of that right more difficult.



  • Secure elections are vital to the strength and security of our democracy, and I will oppose any and all Democrat-backed attempts to undermine them. Our elections can and should be both secure AND accessible. Despite false and misleading media coverage, states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas have shown that the right policies can make it easier for all eligible voters to cast their vote while also ensuring that ONLY eligible votes are counted!

  • I will oppose all efforts to federalize our elections, mandate universal mail-in voting, politicize the Federal Election Commission, and all other Democrat power grabs like those found in H.R.1.

  • I will also ALWAYS stand up proudly for New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary status, a beloved tradition that personally introduced me to the world of media and politics as a student at Saint Anselm College.


  • As a proud alumni of both New Hampshire public schools AND Catholic private high school, I want every student in New Hampshire to have the opportunity to choose their education, regardless of their zip code or economic status. The New Hampshire Legislature’s recent passage of Education Freedom Accounts is a great first step, and I will empower our state and local governments to continue this path. We must continue fighting to ensure parents, NOT the government or powerful teachers unions, are empowered to make the best academic decisions for their childs’ unique needs.  

  • I will also be a vocal and fierce advocate for demanding academic excellence and respect for parental rights in our public schools. Tax-payer funded teachers should be educating, not indoctrinating. I will continue to advocate for a ban on Critical Race Theory and other racist, divisive ideologies from plaguing our classrooms and our culture. Public schools must challenge students academically, hold them to rigorous standards, teach them to respect one another, stand for our flag, and love our country.

  • Educating the next generation is too important to delegate to unelected bureaucrats in Washington D.C.  As your next Congresswoman, I will fight to abolish the Department of Education.  I believe the parent is the primary educator of the child – not the government.  Returning the power of education to states and localities will empower parents to have greater input and oversight into exactly what their children are being taught in the classroom.  Local control of education is how we can ensure that children are not being taught lies and absurdities like this woke notion that a girl is a boy.

Big Tech, Free Speech

  • Everywhere you look in our society, free speech is under attack. Radical Democrats, the liberal mainstream media, and big tech giants in Silicon Valley are attempting to silence and censor conservative viewpoints. Companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google should not get to arbitrarily decide what people can and cannot say online. During the 2020 election, social media companies worked in coordination with one another and the liberal media to suppress information critical of Joe Biden and push misleading information critical of President Trump. If they can silence a sitting United States President, they can silence anyone. I know this first hand -- Twitter suspended my personal account in May of 2021 for posting about my conservative beliefs. I beat Big Tech then, and I will continue to speak up for others who have been unfairly silenced and fight to break up giant internet companies. I will also push for provisions to protect free speech on college campuses in all federal education funding, and hold federally-funded institutions accountable when they try to use the power of the government to intimidate conservatives.



  • I was proud to work for President Trump and help him drain the corrupt swamp in Washington D.C. To further that mission, I pledge to co-sponsor a constitutional amendment imposing term limits on Members of Congress. An overwhelming majority of Americans support Congressional term limits, because we are all tired of career, out of touch politicians! Term limits will allow innovative new leaders, like myself, who aren’t owned by lobbyists and special interest groups to pass new ideas that make our government work again. 

  • In Congress, I will also oppose earmarks and any government wasteful spending. 


  • The Declaration of Independence, our nation’s founding document, lists the right to life as the first among “inalienable” rights granted to us by our Creator. Without the right to life, no other right matters. As a member of Congress, I will be a fearless pro-life advocate to defend the lives of the unborn and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. I will also fight to codify the Hyde Amendment to guarantee a permanent ban on federal funding and subsidies for abortion. 

  • As a young woman, it is also very important to me to work on expanding access to adoption for unplanned pregnancies and supporting young mothers and adoptive families. I believe that the pro-life movement has the ability to win the hearts and minds of all Americans, but we must foster a culture of life and restore family as the bedrock of our society. 


Healthcare and Drug Costs

  • For far too long, we have been paying far too much for prescription drugs because government regulations prevent patients and health plans from negotiating better deals on the open market. Drug companies and special interest groups are gaming the system to keep patients in the dark about how much they will owe for their care and drive out competition through unfair practices. Our senior citizens have been particularly hit hard, as they pay far more than they should for Medicare Part B and Part D services. Under President Trump, the federal government finally took action to increase price transparency and force Big Pharma to play by the rules - but more work is needed.

  • I will push the Biden Department of Health and Human Services to reinstitute President Trump’s successful reforms and drive down prescription drug prices. Obamacare was a disastrous policy that sent premiums sky-high for millions of Americans, and we can’t allow President Biden to pass similar policies, especially when so many Granite Staters are still recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic. 

Energy Independence

  • Energy security is national security! Under President Trump, the United States finally became energy independent, ending our reliance on foreign energy. In just a few short months, the Biden administration has relaunched the war on American energy, once again making America dependent on foreign imports. While Granite Staters grapple with higher gasoline and energy prices, our adversaries in Russia, China, and the Middle East are using our dependence on foreign oil as leverage in international negotiations. We cannot continue to leave our nation at the mercy of countries who hate us, allowing them to turn off the tap any time they choose.

  • I will fight to restore our energy independence and again make the United States a leading exporter of energy, fueling our allies, and placing economic pressure on our adversaries. 


Strong Military, Combatting China

  • Peace through strength is the best foreign policy approach to maintain a ready military posture and deter aggression from our enemies. The freedoms we enjoy as Americans are made possible by the incredible sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. We must continue to increase funding for our military so our brave warriors have the best training and equipment to keep America free and safe.

  • America faces urgent threats posed by Communist China - they are engaging in espionage on our college campuses, infiltrating our institutions, censoring our free speech, stealing our jobs, and committing horrific human rights abuses. I will always be a vocal advocate for holding China accountable, especially for the COVID-19 virus.

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Veteran Care

  • New Hampshire has the third highest capacity of veterans in the country, and I will fight to ensure every single one of these heroes has access to fully-funded community care, regardless of disability.

  • I will continue President Trump's fight to demand accountability at the Department of Veterans Affairs to increase efficiency and care for our veterans.

  • I also look forward to working with our veterans to increase awareness of the tragedies of veteran suicide and homelessness.

Infrastructure, Rural Broadband 

  • As Democrats in Congress use ‘infrastructure’ as a buzz word to slam through their partisan priorities, I will work to refocus the conversation on improving our bridges, fixing our roads, investing in our communities, and creating good-paying jobs along the way. I will also fight to increase access to rural broadband across our state, especially in our most rural communities. In this modern digital age when so many work and learn online, there is no excuse for limited internet access in any of our communities.

Opioid Crisis

  • Like many Granite Staters, I sadly know far too many people who tragically lost their lives to the scourge of drug abuse. While improvements on this front have been made in recent years, we must acknowledge the reality that our state continues to suffer from the opioid epidemic. The Biden Administration and Democrat Members of Congress are adding fuel to this fire by reopening our border to human traffickers, drug dealers, and cartels.

  • I will fight to reimplement the successful deterrent policies of the Trump Administration, build our wall, and increase coordination between federal and local agencies so victims receive the prevention resources and treatment they need.


Social Security

  • I will always vote to protect Social Security for anyone who has paid into the system, especially our seniors, who deserve their hard-earned retirement benefits.

  • However, unlike the career politicians in Congress who spend our tax dollars into oblivion and act like the system is not broken, Chris Pappas included, I recognize we need a solution to ensure a sustainable retirement system for elementary school age Americans who have not even entered the workforce.

  • To be clear - I will always protect SS benefits for those who have already paid into the system - promises made, promises kept. I will also explore and propose solutions to ensure benefits for future generations, rather than endlessly raising taxes on all Americans, as Chris Pappas has committed to doing.