Chris Sununu 


New Hampshire

"Washington is broken, and it won’t get fixed if we keep sending the same people back there. Karoline Leavitt is the new voice and principled vote New Hampshire needs in Congress. Karoline will be a fighter on day one to stop the out of control federal spending that is driving up the cost of everything from groceries to interest rates, and she supports increasing domestic energy production. Karoline has my vote and I hope she has yours."  

Ted Cruz

United States Senator


“Washington D.C. is broken. There is a crisis at the border and Democrats are spending trillions of dollars we don’t have for their liberal wish list. It’s time we send a new generation of leaders to Washington D.C. That’s why I am supporting Karoline Leavitt for Congress.  Karoline is a fighter who shares our core values, will bring new leadership to D.C. and help conservatives stand up to the Swamp.  I am proud to endorse Karoline, and I ask my fellow conservatives in New Hampshire to join me in supporting her campaign for congress."

Mike Lee

United States Senator


Watch his endorsement here!

Elise Stefanik

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

Chair of House Republican Conference 

New York

“Karoline is a rising star in the Republican Party who will carry the torch of conservative values for generations to come. Karoline was a proven fighter working in my office and I have watched her bring that same energy and passion in her own campaign for Congress. I know Karoline cares deeply about the people in her home state of New Hampshire, and I know she won’t back down in the face of opposition. I am proud to endorse Karoline Leavitt and look forward to seeing her in the halls of congress.”

Jim Jordan

Member of the U.S. House of RepresentativesUtah

Co-Founder of the Freedom Caucus


"Karoline Leavitt is a rock solid conservative and an America First warrior. With her experience taking on the fake news media and the DC Swamp as a member of President Trump's White House Press Team, Karoline has proven she has what it takes to win." 

Sheriff Chuck Massahos

Rockingham County


“Karoline Leavitt is a proud New Hampshire native who truly understands the needs of our local law enforcement community. Karoline has pledged to always protect qualified immunity and fight to shut down the border that is sending fentanyl to Rockingham County and poisoning our communities. Karoline has my full support, because I know she will always have our backs in Congress.”


Sheriff Bill Wright

Belknap County


"Under Joe Biden and Chris Pappas' policies and demonstrated practices, crime is rising, our southern border is wide open, illegal immigrants and illicit drugs are flowing into our communities at a record rate. NH Congressional Politicians like Pappas have continued to defund and scrutinize our law enforcement community, rather than empower us to protect our neighbors and just simply do our jobs. The lack of law enforcement support and concentration on our national security is exactly why I am proud to endorse Karoline Leavitt for the 1st Congressional District. Karoline has demonstrated her commitment to both New Hampshire's Law Enforcement and her Community, and I know I can trust her to advocate for our men and women in uniform in Belknap County at the federal level."

New Hampshire Police Association

Michael Geha, President

"Karoline Leavitt has successfully earned the respect, confidence and full support of the New Hampshire Police Association and its members. There are a lot of critically important issues facing Law Enforcement today, from attempts to repeal qualified immunity, to recruitment and retention issues throughout our great state. We have witnessed Ms. Leavitt's hard work, set of values, and her continued support to law enforcement officers and their families. That is why we are proud to stand by her and endorse her candidacy for US Congress."

Fred Doucette 

State House Deputy Majority Leader

Co-Chair of President Trump’s Re-election Campaign

"I am proud to support Karoline Leavitt for Congress in the 1st Congressional District. Since launching her campaign last summer, Karoline has proven that she is a smart, hard-working, conservative fighter who is committed to putting New Hampshire and America First. Young people built our great country, and I believe it’s time for young people like Karoline Leavitt to help save it. I have the utmost confidence in Karoline’s ability to represent our state in Congress, and I encourage every Republican in NH-01 to vote for her on September 13th. Karoline will always put America FIRST!” 

Al Baldasaro

State Representative


Co-Chair of Trump National Veterans Coalition

Co-Chair of President Trump’s Re-election Campaign

"Karoline Leavitt is the America First Warrior that New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District needs. We cannot allow the Biden administration to destroy th4 accomplishments made for our veterans under President Trump, and I know Karoline will be a champion for veterans and the people of New Hampshire in Congress."

Lou Gargiulo


Hampton Falls

Co-Chair of New Hampshire Trump Campaign

"After much consideration and hearing the messages of all the candidates, I am proud to endorse Karoline Leavitt for Congress in the 1st Congressional District. Karoline is a New Hampshire native who will fight to preserve our Live Free or Die values by advancing the America First Agenda in the House of Representatives. Karoline has the energy and fighting spirit necessary to beat Chris Pappas and win in the general election next November, and I am honored to support her campaign." 

Joshua Whitehouse

Former State Representative & Trump Campaign Official 

“Karoline Leavitt is clearly the only candidate in the NH-01 primary truly committed to President Trump’s America First agenda. As a lifelong Granite Stater whose family has been here since 1628, I know Karoline will serve the people of our home state well. Karoline Leavitt will undoubtedly be the next Republican Congresswoman for New Hampshire’s 1st District.”

Jim Kofalt

State Representative


Director of 603 Alliance

"We need elected representatives who will stand firmly in opposition to the prevalent political culture in Washington, DC. That’s why I’m endorsing Karoline Leavitt for Congress. As a State Representative and long-time grassroots activist here in New Hampshire, I’ve shared the frustration that many people in our state are experiencing. The elites in Washington apparently either don’t understand our concerns, or they don’t care. Over four decades ago, Ronald Reagan called on his fellow Republicans to “raise a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on the issues troubling the people." No other candidate in the CD1 race embodies that ethic more clearly than Karoline Leavitt. As a lifelong Granite Stater, Karoline has her finger on the pulse of our communities. She grew up here, working in her family’s business and later graduating from St. Anselm College. As a valued member of Kayleigh McEnany’s team in the White House Press Office, Karoline understands what we’re up against. She knows Washington, but she’s never been part of the Washington machine. She will represent all Granite Staters, including those who don’t currently have a voice in our political process. If you agree that it’s time to drain the DC swamp, I ask you to join me in supporting Karoline Leavitt for US Congress in 2022."

Ralph Boehm
State Representative & Assistant Majority Leader

Linda Gould
State Representative

John Janigian
State Representative

Debra DeSimone
State Representative

Tom Kaczynski
State Representative

Ken Sheffert
Former State Representative

Phil Bean

Former State Representative, Businessman


Harold & Christine Lewis Morse
Entrepreneurs, Owners of Atkinson Resort & Country Club

Gary Brockney

Lucy Brockney 

Michael Phillips
NH Developmental Disability Council, GOP Activist

Julie Steiner
GOP Activist

Rick Smith

George Tombarello

Jude Augusta
Founder and President, NH United
Hampton Falls

Rui Moura
Head of Operations, NH United

Rico Petrocelli
Former Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer

MaryEllen Colvin
GOP Activist

Andy and Allison Bidgood

Gary and Lisa Lewis 

Tom Ploszaj

State Representative

Center Harbor


“I am honored to endorse Karoline Leavitt for Congress.  Karoline has been at the forefront as the CD-1 candidate consistently speaking out in upholding New Hampshire values, with expertise in understanding national and world issues.  New Hampshire needs a fighter, one who will stand up for us, a Congressional member who will stand for New Hampshire's needs and concerns and not be beholden to other interests. This election we need to change New Hampshire’s history of sending Congressional representatives who served Party leadership and outside interests instead of the State of New Hampshire and our citizens. I ask New Hampshire, especially our Undeclared Voters, to make that change and support Karoline, the candidate for Congress who will represent our state and families.” 


James Spillane

State Representative


"I fully endorse Karoline Leavitt for New Hampshire's First Congressional District.  Karoline's values and integrity reflect the best of NH, and we need her representing us in Washington. Karoline grew up here in New Hampshire, and understands our state better than anyone in the vast field of candidates. I know that with her experience, her willingness to listen, and her ability to understand the people of NH, Karoline will bring the conservative but compassionate concerns of our state to Washington." 


David Lundgren

State Representative



“Karoline Leavitt is the dynamic candidate that New Hampshire needs to beat Chris Pappas and flip the 1st Congressional District red next year. As a State Representative, lifelong resident, and businessman in Londonderry, I am excited to support Karoline’s candidacy.” 


Harry Bean

State Representative



Paul and Priscilla Terry 

State Representative, GOP Activist 



Thomas Moulton 

Entrepreneur, Business Executive


Al, Donna & Tucker Perkins
Entrepreneurs, Owners of Historic Runnymede Farm
North Hampton

Joe Tucker
Entrepreneur, Owner of Tucker Associates

Paul & Yvonne Marston
Entrepreneurs, Owners of P.S. Marston Associates

Colleen Lake & Dave Hazeltine
Realtor & Entrepreneur

Mike Coutu  
Former Selectman, GOP Activist, Marine Corps Veteran
North Hampton


John Caira

Entrepreneur, Owner of Caira's Vineyard



Cayley Lord




Kevin Reusch

Businessman, UNH Alumni



Jesse Green

Financial Representative



Steve Mario

Owner, Goffstown Mobil


Susan and Earl Spruce


Sayra DeVito

GOP Activist 



Emma Deguio




Brittany Morgan Devito and John Devito 

Owners, Dube Construction 



Duane Skofield 




Terry and Luiara Anderton 


Hampton Falls 


Michael Woronka 

Business Executive