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October 22, 2021                                                                        



Karoline Leavitt, Candidate for Congress  in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, Responds to Dartmouth College Democrats


HAMPTON, NH-  Today, Karoline Leavitt, Candidate for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, responded to the Dartmouth College Democrats outrageous statement about her visit to their campus on Sunday with Congressman Madison Cawthorn.


"Considering the Radical Left's mission to turn our colleges into breeding grounds for socialism and groupthink, it's no surprise that my appearance at Dartmouth has deeply disturbed the College Democrats. I will not be intimidated by their outlandish accusations that are not based in truth, but rather in their intolerance for conservative values. In fact, I would like to personally extend my warmest welcome to the College Democrats. Perhaps if they attend our event, they will learn some truths that their liberal professors refuse to teach them." 


Read the article from NH Journal here.