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October 10, 2021                                                                        



Karoline Leavitt Slams AG Garland's Call for FBI to Mobilize Against Parents, Calls for Investigation


Hampton, NH — Today, Karoline Leavitt slammed Attorney General Merrick Garland's decision to mobilize the FBI against parents protesting their school boards and called for an investigation into Garland's son-in-law.


“Attorney General Merrick Garland’s request to mobilize the Department of Justice against concerned parents, who are rightfully standing up for their children at school board meetings, is another egregious trick out of the Biden Regime's playbook: weaponize the federal government against free speech, conservative values, and the American people. I am proud to have stood with parents and students at school board meetings in New Hampshire as they rightfully rallied against both racist ideologies in school curriculums and mask mandates, and I will continue to champion their voices. Furthermore, the ties between Merrick Garland's son and a company that profits off promoting Critical Race Theory must be investigated by Congress immediately. I look forward to being elected to Congress next November to help reverse the federal government's Orwellian overreach into the lives of the American people."